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Infectious Diseases: Lecture Series

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mind2010 Holiday Lectures 
Viral Outbreak:
The Science of Emerging Disease



Lecture 1: Dengue Fever: Breaking Epidemic Cycles by Eva Harris, Ph.D.

Lecture 2: The Virus Hunter's Toolkit by Joseph L. DeRisi, Ph.D.

Lecture 3: Fighting Viruses in the Lab and Beyond by Eva Harris, Ph.D.

Lecture 4: Solving SARS and Other Viral Mysteries by Joseph L. DeRisi, Ph.D.

Discussion Session — Biology of the Mosquito Vector

Laura D. Kramer, Ph.D., Director, Arbovirus Laboratories, New York State Department of Health
Robin M. Moudy, Ph.D., Research Affiliate, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health

Moderated by Dr. Eva Harris, University of California, Berkeley


mind2007 Holiday Lectures 
AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic


Lecture 1 — From Outbreak to Epidemic , by Bisola O. Ojikutu, M.D., M.P.H. 
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Lecture 2 — AIDS and the HIV Life Cycle , by Bruce D. Walker, M.D. 
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Lecture 3 — Drugs and HIV Evolution, by Bisola O. Ojikutu, M.D., M.P.H.
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Lecture 4 — Vaccines and HIV Evolution, by Bruce D. Walker, M.D.
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Discussion Session — Students Fighting the HIV Epidemic 
Panelists: Piali Mukhopadhyay; Shefali Oza; Stella Safo 
Moderator: Bruce D. Walker, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital

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Discussion Session — Living with HIV
Panelists: Adam Barrett; Zinhle Thabethe; Phill Wilson 
Moderator: Bisola O. Ojikutu, M.D., M.P.H., Harvard Medical School

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gender1999 Holiday Lectures 
2000 and Beyond:
Confronting the Microbe Menace 


Lecture 1 — Microbe Hunters: Tracking Infectious Agents, by Donald E. Ganem, M.D.
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Lecture 2 — The Microbes Strike Back, by B. Brett Finlay, Ph.D.
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Lecture 3 — Outwitting Bacteria's Wiley Ways, by B. Brett Finlay, Ph.D. 
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Lecture 4 — Emerging Infections: How Epidemics Arise, by Donald E. Ganem, M.D.
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Public Health 253B - Spring 2011

Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases - Professor Tomas Aragon, UC Berkeley