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The 2011 Holiday Lectures are now available on demand!


Past Lecture Series

evolution2005 Holiday Lectures 
Constant Change and Common Threads


Lecture 1 — Endless Forms Most Beautiful, by Sean B. Carroll, Ph.D. 
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Lecture 2 — Selection in Action, by David M. Kingsley, Ph.D.
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Lecture 3 — Fossils, Genes, and Embryos, by David M. Kingsley, Ph.D
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Lecture 4 — From Butterflies to Humans, by Sean B. Carroll, Ph.D.
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Discussion Session — Reconciling Religion and Science
Panelists: James A. Wiseman, OSB, Catholic University of America; Michael Ruse, Ph.D., Florida State University 
Moderators: Sean B. Carroll, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; David M. Kingsley, Ph.D., Stanford University 

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evolution2006 Informal Lecture 
Fossils, Genes
and Mousetraps


2006 Informal Lecture — Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps, by Kenneth Miller, Ph.D.
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"Evolutionary Biology of Arthropods: The Creatures that Rule the Earth"

Dr. Gonzalo Giribet
Associate Professor of Biology, Associate Curator of Invertebrates
in the Museum of Comparative Zoology

"Using DNA to Understand the Ecology and Evolution of Birds"

Dr. Scott Edwards
Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology and Curator of Ornithology, Museum of Comparative Zoology

"The Evolution of Cancer: Why we're not in Kansas Anymore"

Dr. Andrew Murray
Professor of Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Director, Center for Genomics Research

"Intelligent Design as Idolatry: On the Science and Strangeness of Evolutionary Emergence"

Dr. Charles Marshall
Professor of Biology and Geology, and Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology,
Museum of Comparative Zoology

"Evolution of HIV"

Dr. Robert Lue
Dean of the Harvard Summer School,
Senior Lecturer on Molecular and Cellular Biology,
Director of HHMI Undergraduate & Outreach Programs at Harvard

"Genetic Conflicts in Human Pregnancy"

Dr. David Haig
Professor of Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Evolution: From the Fossil Record to Genomic Revolution - MIT World Video Lecture Series