Histology Video Lectures




Histology of the Cell
by Dr. William J. Krause, University of Missouri School of Medicine
Cell Identification
Histology of Glandular Epithelium
Unicellular exocrine glands, Secretory sheet, Simple tubular glands, Simple coiled tubular glands, Simple branched aveolar glands, Simple branched tubular glands..
Histology of Connective Tissue
Dense irregular CT, Dense regular CT, Elastic fibers, Elastic laminae, Reticular fibers, CT cells, Plasma cells macrophages, Mast cells, eosinophils, Plasma cells, Eyelid infection, Macrophages.
Histology of Barrier Epithelium
Simple epithelium, Stratified epithelia
Histology of the Eye
Eye diagram, Whole human eye, Cornea, Lens, Ciliary body, Iris, Ciliary epithelium, Canal of Schlemm, Neuron chain, Rods and cones, Neural retina, Fovea centralis
Histology of the Ear
External ear, Middle ear, Inner ear, Ossicles, Dissected skull, Membranous labryinth, Hair cells, Semicircular canal, Cristae ampullaris, Cupula, Macula utricula, Otoconia, Cochlea..
Histology of Female Reproductive System 1
Entire ovary, Medulla, Tunica allbuginea, Follicles, Mature follicle, Atresia, Primordial follicles human, Mature follicle human, Corpeus luteum, Oviduct, Endometrial menstrual, Endometrium proliferative..
Histology of Female Reproductive System 2
Cervix/vagina, Nabothian cyst, Vagina, Placenta early, Placenta term, HCG, Inactive breast, Breast/pregnancy, Breast/lactation
Histology of Endocrine System
Pineal, Parathyroid, Oxyphils, Thryoid, Thyroglubin, Parafollicular cells, Adrenal, Adrenal medulla, Pituitary, Herring body, Chromophils, Somatotrophs, Mammatrophs, Corticotrophs..
Histology of Male Reproductive System
Testes, Seminiferous tubules, Leydig cells, Geminal epithelium, Human leydig cells, Prepubertal testis, Epididymis, Ductus deferens, Seminal vesicle, Ejaculatory ducts, Prostate, Penis, sperm
Histology of Oral Cavity
Lip, Hard palate, Soft palate, Tongue, Taste buds, Tongue muscle, Developing tooth, Parotid, Submandibular, Sublingual
Histology of Esophagus, Stomach & Intestine
Esophagus, Esophagial-gastric junction, Stomach, Parietal cells, Gastrointestinal junction, Duodenum, Jejunum, Ileum
Histology of Respiratory System 1
Nasal cavity, Olfactory epithelium, SEM of surface, Histochemistry, Olfactory glands, Trachea, SEM trachea, Bronchi
Histology of Respiratory System 2
Bronchiole, Terminal bronchiole, Respiratory bronchiole, Alveolar duct, Alveoli, SEM lung, SEM alveolus, TEM alveolus, Pleura
Histology of Lymphatic Organs
MALT, Palantine tonsil, Pharyngeal tonsil, Lymph node, Silver stain, Spleen, Sinusoids of spleen, Young thymus, Adult thymus
Histology of Liver, Pancreas & Colon
Colon, Appendix, Rectoanal junction, Pancreas, Pancreatic islets, Liver, Space of disse, Gallbladder
Histology of Urinary System
Renal capsule, Renal corpuscle, Podocytes, Filtration barrier, Proximal tubule, Macula densa, SEM proximal tubule, JG cells, Arculate cells, Medulla, Ureter, Urinary bladder, Female urethra, Male urethra
Histology of Integument
Thick skin, Meissner's corpuscle, Paccinian corpuscle, Eccrine sweat glands, Thin skin, Pigmented skin, Scalp, Sebaceous glands, Axillary skin, Myoepithelial cells, Hair follicle, Objectives.
Histology of Nerve Tissue
Multipolar neurons, neurons, Satellite cells, Sympathetic ganglion, Myelin, Node of Ranvier, Meissner & Paccinian corpuscle, Motor end plates, Cerebellar & Cerebral cortex, Purkinje cells, Astrocytes, Microglia..
Histology of Cartilage & Bone
Hyaline cartilage, Elastic cartilage, Fibrocartilage, Ground bone, Section bone, Nasal concha, Membrane bone formulation, Osteoclast, Endochondral bone formation, Osteoclast another view.
Histology of Blood & Bone Marrow
Peripheral blood, Bone marrow smear
Histology of Muscle Tissue
Skeletal muscle, Iron hematoxylin stain, H&E, Motor end plates, Cardia muscle, cardiac muscle, Smooth muscle, Vascular smooth muscle, Learning objectives.
Shotgun Histology Series Part 1 By WashingtonDeceit:
These movies are dedicated to the greatest pathologist of all time---Martin A. Swerdlow, MD
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These movies are dedicated to the greatest pathologist of all time---Martin A. Swerdlow, MD