Cell Biology Video Lectures




Worms, Life and Death: Cell Suicide in Development and Disease - MIT World Video Lecture Series

A microscopic roundworm has come to play a dominant role in some of the most pivotal medical research of our time. In the labs of Robert Horvitz and his colleagues, C. elegans has helped reveal cell death as a normal part of biological development.

The Cell Cycle and Cancer - MIT World Video Lecture Series

We all start out as a single fertilized cell, and wind up, as fully formed humans, with 10 to the 13th cells. “The name of the game,” says Angelika Amon, is to replicate the genetic information in those cells accurately. “Only if that happens all the time and with high fidelity will you end up with a healthy individual.” 

Metastasis - MIT World Video Lecture Series

No diagnosis of cancer is welcome, but some scenarios are more dreaded than others. Richard Hynes discusses what happens “when cells in the primary tumor lose their sense of address and wander off to places they’re not supposed to go.” His talk lays out the process of invasion, by which the cancer spreads into tissues adjacent to the tumor, and that of metastasis, where the cancer disseminates to distant sites.