Genetics Animations




The Basic of Genetics

  • Tour of the Basics: Are you a little confused by all the talk about DNA and genes? Try our animated tour!

DNA from the Beginning

An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity. It is organized around key concepts. The science behind each concept is explained by: animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.

From DNA to Protein

Beyond Genetics

Genetics of Development Animations

Cyclopamine: The normal Hedgehog signaling pathway is blocked by the receptor antagonist cyclopamine. Hedgehog Gradient: The level of Hedgehog protein a cell binds during development can influence its fate. Hedgehog Signaling: The Hedgehog signaling pathway triggers expression of other developmentally important genes. Homeobox: The color-shaded regions represent homeotic genes called Hox genes. The dark band within each gene represents a 180-base-pair region called the homeodomain. Homeodomain: A 3-D model of a protein with a homeodomain, a èhelix-turn-helixî motif that acts as a transcription factor by binding directly to DNA to turn on other genes. Retinoic Acid: A retinoic acid gradient controls the activation of many developmentally important genes. Disruptions in the embryoçs retinoic acid levels can lead to malformation of the embryo. Spatial and Temporal Colinearity: Hox genes display spatial colinearity Ê genes at one end of the chromosome are expressed at the head end of an embryo while genes at the other end are expressed toward the tail end. Vertebrate Hox genes also show temporal colinearity Ê genes at the head end are expressed before those at the tail end.

Genetically Modified Organisms Animations

Creation of a Transgenic Animal: The steps involved using nuclear transfer to create a transgenic goat that produces a human protein in its milk. Creation of Golden Rice: A diagrammatic representation of the enzymatic pathway constructed to produce beta carotene in the endosperm of a rice plant. Recombinant DNA: The steps involved in genetically modifying a plant.

How Tiny Machines Switch On Genes
Travel deep into a cell's nucleus and watch how tiny machines decode a gene.

Silence Of The Genes
Travel inside DNA's protective packaging, chromatin.


Dragon Genetics

This activity explores the relationship between genotype and phenotype, using both sex-linked and autosomal dominant and recessive traits. By manipulating alleles (genotype), you create corresponding changes in the dragon's physical appearance (phenotype).

Mendel's Peas

Parts 1 and 2 (top menus, left to right) demonstrate basic principles of meiosis, fertilization, and inheritance using the same pea traits that Mendel studied. We suggest you start at the beginning to brush up on the basics. But if you just can't wait to play the game, skip ahead to Part 3, The Princess and the Wrinkled Peas.

Understanding Genetic Disorders

Tools of the Trade

Your Genes Your Health

What is Gene Therapy?

Choosing Targets for Gene Therapy

From Research To Trials

Challenges in Gene Therapy

Genetics Animations